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I honestly wish I had tried working things out for myself earlier instead of going with old methods from what I knew of as2... D'oh!

In other news, I haven't made any animations in... well, a long-ass time, and since I've been working on more and more projects, I don't know when my next animation will be.


I have been considering linking to my deviantArt and/or YouTube page, so there will possibly be more stuff to look at while I'm busy. Thoughts?


2014-08-05 12:36:35 by NeonF1sh

But I can't seem to find any good tutorials that work with actionscript 3.0 :C

Does anyone know any way I can get help?


2014-05-17 15:39:10 by NeonF1sh

Sooooooo I recently downloaded a REALLY KICKASS PROGRAM called visual novelty.

Basically it lets you make visual novels (or choose-your-own-adventure type things, if you so desire.)

It takes little to no coding knowledge (which makes it perfect for me), and it's really fun and easy to use.

Unfortunately, unless I download a converter or something (which I am hesitant to do,) it only exports as .EXE files, so I probably won't be uploading them here anytime soon. Still, I figured I should put this out there.

If I can get enough time (since summer is soon approaching,) I can probably make some sort of novel for you guys to download. It all depends, really.

That's my update for now!

Bleagh, I've been sick

2014-02-13 18:03:54 by NeonF1sh

So for the past 2+ weeks, I've been really sick. And I feel incredibly guilty because it's majorly delayed the V-Day animation, to the point where I don't even know if I should bother finishing it (since it's supposed to come out tomorrow and I'm only halfway done.)

In other words, I promised I would make an animation and I didn't, once again breaking a promise that I made to myself.

(On another note, I tried uploading a different animation that I had made earlier, and it got removed due to low ratings. Boo hiss.)


2013-12-25 14:22:12 by NeonF1sh

Hey guys! There's good news, bad news, and more good news. The good news is that I'm working on an animation! The bad news is that it won't be out until Valentine's Day, and there most likely won't be one coming before then. The other good news is that I'll be uploading more music, including a new track today.

Merry Christmas, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays!


2013-10-31 23:38:23 by NeonF1sh

So I figure it's about time I got off my lazy ass and posted something. Sadly, it is not an animation.

With school being back on track and a current video project that I've been writing, storyboarding, and sound editing for, I haven't really had any time to animate. I'm sure I'll be able to whip something up eventually, though. And who knows? It might actually be... *gasp*... good!

Have a spooky Halloween, everyone.


2013-08-05 19:46:21 by NeonF1sh

I've been feeling very uninspired as of late, so perhaps a hiatus is in order.

That is all.

Flash or game?

2013-06-30 19:50:02 by NeonF1sh

I'm thinking about making a thing in flash similar to the strife animation that I made, only with different options and different endings, but I don't know whether I should count it as an animation or a game. Any thoughts?

Adding some new content

2013-06-20 21:09:56 by NeonF1sh

So I realized I have a lot of music and some animations on my youtube account that I'd like to be on newgrounds as well. Over the past couple of days or so, I'll be adding some more content to newgrounds, so... yeah.

We miss you, Edd.

2013-03-25 14:39:31 by NeonF1sh

So here I am, in my green shirt.

It's really hard to think about today.

Exactly one year ago today, one of the greatest people I ever knew, and a huge inspiration to me, Edd Gould, passed away after battling cancer.

Some of the words used to describe him could be: Nice, funny, caring, talented, original, and above all, genuine. He was a really great person, and although I only talked to him occasionally through livestream, he was one of the best people I ever knew.

He had an affinity for coke and animating. He loved what he did, and was great at it. To use his own words, he was pretty swell.

I'd considered making an animation to honor him, but I realized today that it would be too hard to do while keeping a calm persona. So instead, I'll honor him by writing this post.

You were an inspiration to people everywhere, Edd, and I'll never forget you.