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Flash or game?

6/30/13 by NeonF1sh

I'm thinking about making a thing in flash similar to the strife animation that I made, only with different options and different endings, but I don't know whether I should count it as an animation or a game. Any thoughts?


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Are you sure?You could be what they're looking for,why not give it a try if you want and let them decide.

How have you been,miss?It has really been quite a while,anyway,I found something you might be interested to be part of:

7/4/13 NeonF1sh responds:

Ahh, that would be cool! Unfortunately I don't believe I possess the level of skill/quality they'd be looking for.

if you make some endings and options just like vicarious said it can be labeled as game.
aniway, good luck with your work.

If you add medals to it, it won't matter which way you label it... Though, if there's enough options (of action) and endings, you might as well call it a game.

I'd call it an animation, as it is mostly for watching; a game always has more interactivity that just options, endings, and settings.

7/1/13 NeonF1sh responds:

I think this is probably the best idea. Thanks for the input!